Hannes Bieger Mixing and Mastering in Berlin

Hannes Bieger
Berlin / Germany

Mixing and production inquiries: mail@hannesbieger.com
Booking Live Set: ian@analog-a.com
Booking Masterclass (ROW): jimmy@analog-a.com


USt-ID / VAT-ID: DE231819951

Data Exchange

• Please provide consolidated AIFF/WAV files starting at the same position.
• Please make sure all files have appropriate names ("Bassdrum" is better than "Audio-14"...)
• 44.1 kHz sample rate (or the native sample rate of your project – please avoid SRC!)
• Please export 32 Bit audio files if possible.
  If your DAW doesn't support 32 Bit files please provide 24 Bit data – avoid 16 Bit files!
• Please provide song tempo information.
• Please provide two sets of stems: One including your FX, and another set with the raw,
  unprocessed material
• Please do not normalise the audio files.
• Please provide a linear PCM roughmix without mix bus processing for reference
 (No mix bus limiting/compression, no MP3!)
• Please provide as many notes / reference tracks as you like!
• File transfer via FTP, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.


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